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    The city of Trogir is situated on the coast Bay, on a small island between the mainland to the north and the south of the island of Ciovo, connected to the stone bridge. This town of the old Dalmatian culture dates back to prehistoric times. They call it a little Dubrovnik as appearance, walls and buildings remind him. Wealth of cultural and historical monuments, masterpieces, narrow streets and art collections delight every posjetitelja.Grad Trogir was founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis in the third. century BC. After the Greeks, followed by the Romans, then the Croats, independently and as part of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. All of the above people have left their traces in culture, architecture and art. In Central Europe, Trogir is considered the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town. The castle is surrounded by walls and towers make up the core of Trogir. The most important cultural monument is the cathedral, which is the western portal made ​​by master Radovan. Since 1997 Trogir is on UNESCO's list of protected monuments kulture.Trogir is a city museum and a wonderful experience to visit, and to sink into the past, walking the narrow streets, while impressed with the "attack" the stone facades of the old portal , heads of various human and animal motifs. Entering the sacred objects reveals you some more or less known details of history. Trogir is one of those cities that is seen with the professional leadership guide.

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